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Heather H. 

"My daughter went to see Pete for about 6 sessions and found great improvement with mobility. She no longer is having any pain in her shoulder and is doing great through her volleyball season!"

Maya M. 

"Pete fit me into his schedule at the last minute (literally an hour after I called) for a shoulder injury during a climbing competition. He was very knowledgeable but also very attentive to my feedback and intuition, and relieved most of my pain in just one 45 minute session. If you have sport-specific issues that generic one-size-fits-all treatments don’t work for, Pete is the guy for you. Highly recommend for everyone, especially climbers!"

Edward W. 

"I had very serious problems with arthritic joints in my upper neck.  The medical field tried acupuncture, ablation and cortisone injections.  Surgery was not an option.  Pete’s name was given to me by a physician. Within a few weeks, I was sleeping on a bed, walking normal, regained movement in my neck and the pain was greatly reduced.  Pete restored my quality of life."

Annalee S. 

"Does a great job! Helped me with a shoulder injury and ankle injury. Starting seeing improvements quickly and I was able to be out of my brace and back to high intensity workouts quick. Dry needling along with the exercises really helped. Would highly recommend!"

Amber M. 

"I've seen Pete for two injuries now and I couldn't be more grateful that I did! I broke and tore my wrist, I couldn't even open a door for some time. After a couple sessions with Pete, and my diligence doing the prescribed exercises, I'm pleased to say I am 100% better. I came in for ankle pain and received q exercises/stretches that did help the pain. A couple weeks later, I stepped wrong and had a sharp stabbing pain in my ankle. He got me in right away for some dry needling. Which completely took the pain away! I was surprised at the efficacy!!. He advised me to go get some X-rays due to the nature of the pain in relation to hardware locations. I can appreciate when a Dr. Can admit, it's not their expertise. With every new injury he explains the anatomy, and why it could be happening. He's more than happy(literally) to answer any questions. Every time I've been in pain, he does his best to get me in asap. I couldn't recommend him enough, and I've been to a lot of physical therapists over the years."

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